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We are pleased to welcome Dina Dushkin, who is joining Woodbridge Academy of Music as our new piano teacher.

Registration for the Spring Semester 2018 begins on Monday, 8 January.

Spring Semester starts on Monday, 29 January.

To book your classes please contact your teacher or the school registrar.

Please add to your diaries — Spring Recital 2018 will be held over two days this year:

21 January, Sunday, 2pm-8pm — all students, except Dr. Shevchenko's class.

28 January, Sunday, 2pm-6pm — students of Dr. Shevchenko.

Where: Metuchen First Baptist Church, 225 Middlesex Avenue.

The students will perform their best pieces in front of the entire school and parents.

All parents & student families are welcome!

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