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At the Woodbridge Academy of Music we are determined to keep music going in everyone's life. It is a source of enjoyment and inspiration, and fills a need we all have for continued learning and fun. During these unpredictable times our staff are working to bring consistency, care and connection to our families. Although we cannot physically be together under the roof of our academy, our teachers are successfully providing online private lessons trough Face Time, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, and other applications. We would like to thank all of the families who have stayed with us, adapting and embracing the new possibilities for remote learning, which has proven very beneficial during this change. Many students are making incredible progress!

Our online programs now are opened for new enrolments.

Please call 732-494-7165 or email us at

We offer very flexible schedules, from early morning to late night, to accommodate your needs.

Stay home, be safe and learn with us!

Call 732-494-7165 to enrol today!

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