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Summer Term Update

Summer Term begins on the 30th June and ends on the 25th August, 2020. Please add these dates to your diary.

In-class lessons — according to the government advice, from the 6th July our school will reopen for in-class lessons. But, we will also continue delivering lessons remotely. So each student can tailor build the schedule with their teachers. You can take one-on-one lessons in class, keep taking lessons remotely or combine both, whichever is comfortable for you.

Summer Recital — we keep reviewing the situation and it is possible that we will be able to hold our traditional Summer Recital at the end of Summer. We will keep you updated on this.

Payment update — if you are paying for your lessons by cheque, please post them to the following address:

115 Stanford Ave., Colonia, NJ 07067

This is to ensure your lessons are not interrupted, while the school premises are closed.

Stay safe and keep practicing!

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